HCML launches the next-generation of catastrophic injury assessments

HCML's new Acute INA has been tailored to ensure clients receive the highest standard of care required to maximise their recovery potential while retaining their independence.

The Acute INA takes place in the acute care setting and will be implemented by specialists in brain and spinal cord injury, amputation, burns, musculoskeletal damage and paediatric care to cover physical as well as psychological, behavioural or cognitive problems.

Each specialist case manager has responsibility for ensuring clients receive clinically-appropriate care - based on an independent assessment - which can see them liaise with designated care providers, including the NHS where appropriate, to ensure the injured client's needs are fully met.

Alternative care plans, which may include private healthcare provision, will be recommended if it is deemed waiting times for planned treatment are too lengthy at a crucial point in the client's recovery.

HCML says its goal for each case is to bring the client as close to their pre-accident state as possible - taking steps to reintegrate them in their place of work or study if appropriate and, if not, to maximise their independence in living.

Keith Bushnell, chief executive of HCML, said: "We first come into contact with clients at an absolutely critical time just after a serious accident, where the impact of any decision about their care can be magnified as time goes on.

The aim of this expanded service is, regardless of whether we're instructed singly or jointly, to provide an independent assessment of the treatment pathway required to maximise recovery potential, and then provide full help and support to the client and their family.

Our clinical expertise, coupled with our ability to navigate complex healthcare systems, helps us to make evidence-based decisions and advocate on behalf of the client as to the best and most appropriate care they can possibly receive."

The launch is the latest in a series of new services introduced by HCML since 2012, including an enhanced motor injury assessment package and a mental health rehabilitation programme.

Keith Bushnell added: "We're delighted to add our expanded catastrophic injury programme to the many new services we've introduced, which have all been designed to improve the client experience while providing optimal outcomes for the injured person and all other stakeholders. We aim to be first in meeting client's needs, and first in providing rehabilitation value."