HCML launches dynamic catastrophic injury service for PI patients

HCML has launched a catastrophic injury case management service to help personal injury lawyers improve results for clients with life-changing injuries and their families.

Health & Case Management Ltd (HCML), which has worked with people injured in The Smiler incident at Alton Towers, has expanded its team, services and technology to maximise patient recovery and independence.

Its new Acute INA has been designed to be more dynamic than traditional immediate needs assessments, to deliver better discharge outcomes through flexible early assessments, reports and support for clients and families.

It starts with a visit by the case manager to the patient in hospital, who then engages with the treatment team to get feedback on condition, treatment and barriers to discharge with preliminary reports sent to stakeholders.

Follow-up hospital visits and reports update everyone on progress and offer independent assessments of the treatment pathway to maximise recovery and progress into comprehensive rehabilitation.

On discharge, the case manager supports the transition from acute care, helping patients return home in a safe, supported environment, and through rehabilitation.

HCML take single and joint instructions and its unique funding solutions for assessments and rehabilitation enable earlier intervention and faster access to rehabilitation.

Its new bespoke online platform, Wellbeing Zone, supports clients’ families, who are often in their first carer role, to manage their own health. Tailored for families by case managers, it captures self-reported health profiles on stress, exercise, sleep, dietary and behavioural habits.

It has expanded its team of specialist case managers to help more clients get the most clinically suitable care and hired Ian Waters as catastrophic services manager, to manage the growing team. Ian has joined from Argent Rehabilitation, specialises in brain injury and complex orthopaedic cases and has worked in private case management and in the NHS.

HCML says its mission is to maximise recovery and independence.

Keith Bushnell, chief executive of HCML, said: “We first meet clients at the critical time just after life-changing injuries, where the impact of any decision on their care can be magnified by delays.

“Our unique approach is to combine early intervention with our clinical expertise and our skills in navigating complex healthcare systems. We ensure claimants get the best and most appropriate evidence-based treatment and work tirelessly to re-build their lives.

“We aim to be first choice in meeting PI solicitors’ clients’ needs”.