HCML partners with Physitrack

Home exercise is a massive part of any rehabilitation plan for physically injured patients, but patients expected to stick to regimes need a better solution than printed exercise handouts alone.

That is why we have partnered with digital therapeutics solutions provider Physitrack, a globally based home exercise technology provider. We are now offering groundbreaking super-fast exercise prescriptions via smart-phone apps to the 40,000 individuals that we care for each year through our rehabilitation and case management services.

Having piloted it, we know this approach helps injured patients rebuild their lives better and faster, by giving them videos to show good exercise technique instead of illustrations, with a feedback mechanism so our case managers can track in real-time.

So now each patient in our care can access a full library of high definition exercise videos explained by professional narrators demonstrating exercise technique in perfect form. The app-platform enables them to do Martini exercise - any time, any place, anywhere.

In reality, each patient gets their own exercise prescription, which may include strength and conditioning, cardio, neurological, pilates or very specific occupational health and safety and musculoskeletal exercises.

The content behind this has been created by leading clinical experts around the world including physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, osteopaths and chiropractors and is used in all forms of recovery, including musculoskeletal, neurological, paediatric and military rehabilitation, with support from leading worldwide universities.

The technology prompts and inspires the individual to follow clinically verified rehabilitation programmes using their smartphone or tablet app.

Individuals report their progress and post feedback through the app, including any pain problems, so that our nationwide network of case managers and Innotrex physiotherapists can track their progress in real time and make any interventions quickly to keep them on track. That real-time insight in patient adherence holds the key to more proactive care.

I know this will create a new global standard in exercise programming and patient outcome and feedback tracking. The solution is fast, fits effortlessly into a patient’s daily routine and provides data which means we can say, guesswork is out, transparency is in, to everyone involved in a patient’s recovery.

Enhancing HCML’s technology platform with an innovative tool that we have proven can boost recovery times supports our central philosophy: that rehabilitation and the patient journey through their own recovery can always be improved.

Much of that improvement revolves around reinforcing self-confidence and self-belief to reinforce or unearth that most elusive of factors – intrinsic motivation.

Motivation is central to good rehabilitation outcomes and our case managers are trained to assess motivation levels and support individuals there, be they well or poorly motivated, and to find out what can make them more self-motivated to get better.

Innovations like this will inspire the people who may be less confident or goal-oriented to stick with their regime and control their own recovery. By simply replacing paper-based instructions with an appealing tool to watch real people do the exercises perfectly, it transforms the exercise regime, making it far simpler and frankly, more enjoyable.

Our case managers and clinical experts rehabilitate people who have had minor or serious accidents or catastrophic, life-changing injuries.

We tailor treatment to an individual’s needs, including physical and psychological, and long experience shows that physiotherapy and exercise is a major part of that recovery and the mental wellbeing that goes with it.

Typically, we are delivering case management services for employers and personal injury insurers. In all cases, our mission is clear: to return patients to their pre-injury state quickly and cost effectively through a stepped care, evidence based, early intervention approach to recovery.