Patient preference system digital breakthrough

A new online platform from HCML allows patients and stakeholders to digitally manage physiotherapy treatment journeys from instruction to discharge.

A pioneering customer portal has been developed by HCML’s in-house developers to empower patients to choose and book their own treatments, brief the clinics and know what to expect during their care.

HCML says that it will deliver faster, better patient journeys, speedier appointments, higher customer satisfaction levels and streamlined administration.

In 2018 it overhauled its supplier management system, allowing clinics to be ranked based on quality, customer satisfaction and patient feedback. Early in 2019 it launched its comprehensive one stop Treatment Service to insurers and claimant solicitors to co-ordinate hospital consultant appointments, surgery and diagnostic treatments.

Now HCML is giving people more control over their own physiotherapy journeys with the launch of its unique patient preference system so patients can plan and know what to expect from clinics.

Once the case manager has specified the approved physio sessions, they can now invite patients onto HCML’s database of clinics with locations, facilities, treatments, opening hours, details of male and female clinicians and the clinic diary.

The patient can pick their clinic, make their own booking and brief the clinic on any access needs and their injury details, update their contact details and opt into text messaging services. Referrals are sent securely to clinics via HCML’s supplier portal.

Individual appointments are recorded in real time on HCML’s case management system ensuring case managers can monitor the patient’s treatment.

The patient can log in when they want to check details like directions and parking, review their treatment progress, check facilities like cafes and gyms and leave feedback which is then fed into HCML’s ranking system to help other patients.

Commercial director Ben Dawson said: “This is a real breakthrough.  We are offering our patients, referrers and suppliers a window into the data that they alone need to improve the experience for everyone, securely and GDPR-compliant.

“It can be customized to suit patients’ preferred physiotherapy journeys. It will make their lives easier and ensure complaint-free customer service.

“For insurers and solicitors our system contains full patient records from instruction through initial assessment, rehabilitation planning, treatments and case management to discharge.  They can create new instructions, review new cases, transfer patient data and communicate with our case managers with total security.  This makes their lives easier.

“By integrating with most of our clinics over online booking, our clinicians and patients know, by the end of each clinical assessment call, that the referral, booking and initial physio assessment is confirmed.

“Our supplier portal provides an efficient data compliant way to transfer data to and from our supplier network, removing email communication from the process.

“This ensures that clinical records, service level information and outcome measures are recorded as data available for analysis and our ranking system rather than the documents normally used”.

“It is a brilliant achievement from our dedicated IT team who are constantly upgrading our systems, developed fully in-house, to make referrals easier for our clients but we are now taking that IT ingenuity to benefit the patients.”