Case Study: Adult male brain injury and above the knee amputation 

Motorcyclist sustained above the knee amputation, left upper limb hemiplegia and a traumatic brain injury in a road traffic accident.
Jason has and continues to be supportive of our families’ needs, not just client. Initially I had at least weekly calls with Jason who was on hand to offer advice and support. He listened to issues and was and still is always a great ‘ear’ who offers practical and emotional support. As time went on, he spoke and continues to speak regularly to client, to check how he is doing and to chase up anything requested. We have been very grateful for Jason’s commitment to us and to our case, he appears to genuinely care.
Rehabilitation Client’s Wife

Referral & immediate needs assessment

  • HCML instructed 5 months post accident – client inpatient at NHS neurological rehabilitation hospital ward
  • NHS consultant advised it was unlikely the client would ever walk or carry out any day-to-day activities independently
  • Cognitive impairments caused personality changes including understanding humour, poor concentration and memory as well as affecting speech and executive functioning – affecting family life
  • Loss of function in left arm, limited neuromuscular control and discomfort in using prosthesis, so largely wheelchair bound
  • Family home and car no longer suitable, and wife unable to provide the level of care the client required
  • INA conducted within a week of referral

HCML support

  • Arranged transfer from NHS to specialist residential rehab unit, within 3 weeks of being instructed
  • Coordinated and maintained regular contact with NHS and private practitioners to ensure client received most suitable equipment and adaptations
  • Organised osseointegration assessment to address socket discomfort
  • Arranged MyoPro assessment for left upper limb, where the client was able to complete basic tasks with paralysed left hand
  • Built strong relationship with client and family – organised psychological support for whole family
  • Worked with family and professionals to secure new family home


4 Months

Client was able to swim 20 lengths unaided, walk 10m unaided, walk 1km outside with single quad stick, walk up and down stairs using prosthesis and complete all activities of daily living independently

5 Months

Client took driving assessment and was deemed fit to drive with vehicle adaptations. HCML facilitated wheelchair accessible vehicle demonstrations and the client was driving unrestricted 14 months since the start of rehab.

13 Months

Client moved into new family home, supported by HCML.

14 Months

Client able to independently access local community with mobility scooter. Completed a 5k charity walk with HCML RCM.