Pensioner rebuilds her life and makes “a remarkable recovery”

A pensioner rebuilt her life after being seriously injured in a road accident.

The 74-year-old driver suffered a brain injury, multiple fractures to her legs and hip and fractured her ribs in the accident.

Numerous painful operations were required and throughout her rehabilitation, she was helped and guided by HCML.

Now Sarah Jones* is back at home and has made a remarkable recovery with the help of her partner and continued support from HCML.

HCML helped Sarah and her partner, Richard* cope with the trauma and challenges of their new lives following the consequences of the accident and now the couple are continuing to rebuild their lives with medical, psychological and practical support via their HCML case manager.

Sarah’s case manager regularly met her in person to plan and co-ordinate her rehabilitation. There was also regular communication with the multidisciplinary team involved in her rehabilitation to ensure a joined up approach was implemented with optimal outcomes achieved.

Sarah’s treatment included neuro rehabilitation, physiotherapy and occupational therapy and help from a community brain injury team. HCML also facilitated a support worker, domestic help, hydrotherapy and gained access for Sarah to an NHS group brain injury workshop.

Sarah’s case manager also liaised with the NHS consultant orthopaedic surgeon and the social services team and co-ordinated major adaptations to Sarah’s home, including a wet room, alarms and equipment such as a mobility scooter.

It was also arranged for Sarah to attend a day centre twice a week to provide Richard with some respite.

Andrew Pepler, Head of Clinical Operations said: “Sarah has made tremendous progress. She achieved an optimal recovery through the work of her case manager and treating team and through her own commitment. She became largely independent with the ongoing minimal assistance from a support worker.”

*Names have been changed for confidentiality