Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who / What is HCML?

HCML specialises in supporting people who have been injured or are ill, managing their recovery and helping them return to their pre-injury or pre-illness level of health and fitness.

This process is known as case management. HCML employs a range of health professionals who plan and coordinate rehabilitation and recovery, and assist with return to work (if appropriate).

What does HCML do for ill and injured people?

HCML’s Case Managers liaise with ill or injured people to assess the injury or condition, and then coordinate appropriate medical treatment or rehabilitation services.

HCML can also help people return to work. Case Managers communicate with line managers and HSE representatives (if appropriate) to coordinate a safe and timely return to employment.

HCML will maintain contact with a client throughout their rehabilitation, and return to work, to ensure the process is safe and sustainable. HCML will ensure all parties involved in the rehabilitation/recovery are kept up to date regarding progress.

What is the assessment process?

HCML will appoint a suitable Rehabilitation Case Manager, who will be a qualified medical professional.

They contact ill and injured people via telephone to introduce themselves and discuss the process.

They then arrange a suitable time for a full assessment. At the end of the assessment the Rehabilitation Case Manager will discuss their findings and recommendations for rehabilitation with the injured person, and report back to the referring party.

What is contained in an assessment report?

The assessment report contains details of the injury or illness, along with effects on activities of daily living. There will also be recommendations on appropriate treatment pathways, and some goals surrounding timescales and expectations.

Who has access to the report(s)?

Depending on consent, the report can be accessed by the injured / ill person, their treating clinicians, an employer (if appropriate), and any solicitors / insurers that might be involved.

How is personal data protected?

HCML has strict processes in place to ensure that all personal details are kept confidential, and can only be accessed by the appropriate parties at the appropriate times. The organisation is also bound by the Data Protection act, as well as compliance obligations issued by HCML’s customers and partners.

What is HCML's Medical Advisory Board?

The Medical Advisory Board’s responsibility is to ensure HCML is managed effectively, efficiently and ethically. This includes assuring customers and clients that governance is active and accountable.

The main reasons HCML retains an MAB are to:
· Assist it in meeting its clinical governance goals
· Obtain relevant technical advice
· Contribute expert opinions and analysis on innovations in their fields
· Promote the field of case management and HCML as a leading provider

The Medical Advisory Board has four clinical members, and the CEO:

Professor Kim Burton (Occupational Health & Ergonomics Consultant)
Mr Arun Ranganathan (Consultant Spinal Surgeon)
Dr Jamie Bell (Physiotherapist)
Dr Amit Chatterjee (Consultant Psychiatrist)

Mr Keith Bushnell