Employer Resources: Long Term Absence Brochure

A best-in-class solution for reducing and eliminating the challenges of long-term workplace absence Download File

Employer Resources: Telephonic Management Action Plans Brochure

Remote assessments to either facilitate a quick & safe return to work, or prevent short-term employee absence Download File

Employer Resources: It’s The Time To Talk Brochure

Helping to combat the growing challenge of workplace absence due to mental health issues Download File

Employer Resources: Face-to-face Management Action Plan Brochure

An approach which promotes positive engagement from both the employer and the employee – resulting in better outcomes Download File

Employer Resources: Employee Assessments Brochure

The widest variety of workplace assessments tailored to the needs of healthy businesses Download File

Insurer Resources: Overview Brochure

Innovative, fast and cost-effective rehabilitation solutions focused on early intervention & reduced case duration Download File

Insurer Resources: Catastrophic Case Management Brochure

Flexible early cost-effective assessments, reports and client support – leading to better discharge outcomes Download File

Insurer Resources: Immediate Medical Assessment Brochure

A clinically robust assessment which aims to improve combined operating ratios while delivering fairness to unrepresented claimants Download File

Insurer Resources: Multi-Channel Rehabilitation Brochure

Effective, innovative and rapid assessment & treatment solutions – with simple & fair fee structures – for minor to moderate rehabilitation needs Download File

The Serious Injury Guide

A publication generated collaboratively by the insurance and legal industries to provide guidance on how to deal with rehabilitation in cases where a serious or catastrophic injury has occurred Download File