Championing HCML’s apprentices – Dereck


Feb 9, 2024


This National Apprenticeship Week, we speak to Dereck, an IT Apprentice at HCML. Dereck joined HCML in February 2022, and he discusses with us his experiences and learnings so far!

What inspired you to pursue an apprenticeship?

I always had an interest in IT and an apprenticeship was the initial step towards getting started in what I wanted to do! Since I didn’t have any experience, an apprenticeship was a gateway for me into IT.

How has your experience been working with our company so far?

Very good, I enjoy working with different teams, I enjoy the challenging aspects of IT and the many daily activities that we have. Every day is different which constantly keeps me challenged.

What skills have you developed during your apprenticeship?

I’ve developed a lot of my IT skills and my written skills, due to constantly having to message, email and communicate with different levels of employees. It’s really pushed me to improve my communication skills. I’m having to do a lot of face to face with different employees, as well as phone calls; it’s really made a difference.

Can you share a memorable moment or project from your time as an apprentice?

I had a project in which I had to set up a mobile system that we are currently using. I had to investigate, research and troubleshoot how it would work, as well as implementations and implications. I worked with many different employees through the testing phase to create a few case studies on how it would work. In conclusion it gave HCML more control over mobile security, ensuring both HCML and its clients are safe at all times.

How has the mentorship and support from colleagues impacted your professional growth?

Having the support from the team has been very useful. It’s helped me want to stay in this role, and want to keep progressing. I have confidence I’m going on a good track!

What advice would you give to future apprentices in the company?

Focus on the studying work and get it out the way. Also don’t take work home, aim to finish tasks in a day and let it go. I feel very refreshed to start the day with new tasks.

In what ways has your perspective or approach to your career evolved during your apprenticeship?

Having the opportunity to still be within the company and move out of London has really helped me to shape how my personal and professional life can be progressively aligned.

What goals do you have for the future within the company?

I hope to develop and lead a significant and impactful project within the company!