Medbelle and HCML announce partnership


Jan 22, 2024


Medbelle and injury and rehabilitation specialists HCML have announced a new partnership that will improve the healthcare experience of people who have suffered accidents and injuries.

The partnership will benefit HCML’s clients by providing them with a more streamlined and efficient healthcare experience. The move into medico-legal healthcare pathways is the latest milestone in Medbelle’s rapid growth and demonstrates the scalability of the Medbelle healthcare model to new settings, with further expansions being explored.

The partnership means HCML can refer clients to Medbelle, whose nationwide surgical network provides more choice, time savings and cost efficiencies. As Medbelle patients, they will also benefit from Medbelle’s patient web-app and a personal Patient Care Adviser to guide them through their entire healthcare journey, from consultation to aftercare.

It will enable a seamless healthcare journey with Medbelle’s data-driven approach to care, directing patients to the most appropriate provider and ensuring the best health outcomes.

‘With this partnership, Medbelle will demonstrate that our unique model for healthcare can be scaled and applied in other contexts.

‘This is an important step because it demonstrates how our redesigned healthcare pathway provides efficiencies and improvements not only to patients but also to other payers like insurance companies. By using technology and clinical expertise more effectively, we can improve patient experience while providing data to clinicians to help them improve treatments and care.’ – Leander de Laporte, CEO of Medbelle

Gareth Davies, Director of Group Business Operations, HCML, said: ‘Our partnership with Medbelle enables expedited access to a nationwide network of consultants, ensuring our clients get the most appropriate treatment in a way that is most convenient for them. HCML’s exceptional case management, combined with Medbelle’s streamlined processes and full guidance throughout treatment, ensures clients are fully supported in their recovery.’

Spreading the benefits of Medbelle’s model

The partnership is the latest expansion by digital health start-up Medbelle, which is offering secondary care to patients across the UK. Because Medbelle offers price transparency and significant provider choice, it can provide savings to both patients and surgeons while improving the overall experience for both by taking care of logistic and administrative support.