Wellbeing and Self-Help

For victims of injuries & illnesses that are mild or modest, HCML can provide a suite of case manager guided clinically qualified well being solutions and self-help services.

Following an assessment, which can be over the telephone or via a video call, a HCML rehabilitation specialist can recommend a simple and effective regime whereby an injured person can take control and responsibility over their own recovery.

The HCML rehabilitation specialist can give an injured or ill person access to various innovative tools, and guide them through the program from beginning to recovery.

All of HCML’s systems & processes are audited and supervised, with regular checks to monitor progress and client engagement.


HCML has partnered with Physitrack, a provider of high-definition exercise and rehabilitation videos.

Physitrack’s capabilities allow HCML rehabilitation specialists to tailor exercise videos for each client, ensuring that all treatment is appropriate, focused and effective.


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The RehabZone is a bespoke online platform, providing tailored support for HCML’s clients and their families.

The RehabZone is designed to provide self-reported health profiles, capturing exercise, sleep, dietary and behavioural habits – which can be viewed and managed by the client’s Case Manager & Physiotherapist to support self-management and treatment pathways to empower injured people and accelerate their own recovery.

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The WellbeingZone is a fully supported Wellbeing portal providing guidance and advice on everyday lifestyle activities such as sleeping, eating and exercise. The WellbeingZone enables employers to make informed decisions around the business based on health and well being of the workforce and can assist in mitigating against potential hot spots using the Management Information provided.

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