Rehabilitation Case Management & Treatment | Workplace Health & Wellbeing | Medical Insurance Healthcare

Connecting the dots to recovery

With vast experience and wide-ranging expertise, we identify the most appropriate interventions and connect these to design a unique healthcare, rehabilitation or treatment programme for people experiencing injury or illness.

Rehabilitation Case Management and Treatment

We provide rehabilitation case management and treatment services to the personal injury and clinical negligence markets. Our experience, expertise and strong professional relationships in the industry enable us to strike the right balance to get the best outcomes for our rehabilitation clients, the solicitors who represent them and the insurer.

INAs & Rehabilitation Case Management
Desktop Case Management
Triage & Treatment
Diagnostics, Consultation & Surgeries
Major Incident Response (MIRs)


Workplace Health and Wellbeing

Our range of specialist occupational services help you to deliver a robust employee wellbeing strategy. We’re all about risk management and prevention, identifying underlying causes for individuals and patterns of health conditions across organisations, to really understand your business and mitigate risk. 

Sickness Absence Management
Case Management
Psychological Support & Treatment
Healthcare Plan Management
Occupational Health Services: Work Related Assessments
Clinic Days & Wellbeing Services
Consultancy & Training


Private Medical Insurance Healthcare

We provide specialist treatment and case management services to the health insurance market. With a range of digital, telephonic and in person healthcare solutions for both physical and mental health, we offer private medical insurers a flexible service to support businesses and their insured employees.