The UK's most comprehensive network of treatment providers

Innotrex is a treatment provider network that truly excels in evidence-based outcomes and customer satisfaction. Overseen by the Innotrex team and HCML’s Medical Director, the network has full national coverage.

Innotrex’s robust policy ensures all providers adhere to our corporate values, have the highest standard of clinical governance and undergo regular reviews ensuring patients being referred are receiving a high quality service.

The Innotrex treatment network is first for innovative treatment excellence. It has an in house systems development team which allows us to quickly integrate with systems, create bespoke reporting and adapt to new propositions. As Innotrex provides treatment across the PI claims, Corporate and PMI markets it applies best practice from each across the board.

The breadth of treatment means that Innotrex can provide a tailored, multidisciplinary and nationwide solution the excellence of which is managed by in house clinicians operating under a robust clinical governance policy. Network partners undergo a strict vetting and selection process and their performance is continuously audited at a micro and macro level.


Join Innotrex

If you are a treatment provider who is interested in becoming part of the Innotrex network, or would like more information, please contact us in the first instance