Since 2003, HCML has been at the forefront of innovation and clinical excellence in Case Management; making a real difference to the lives of injured clients by providing appropriate rehabilitation and accelerated recovery.

Our goal-focused and stepped-care approach delivers positive, tangible & effective outcomes.

Over 36,000 injured people are helped each year through HCML’s end-to-end services

HCML’s highly experienced Case Management team maintains membership and registration with their appropriate professional bodies, and are all members of the CMSUK, BABICM and/or the VRA

We are happy to accept both joint and single instructions.


HCML’s innovative and market leading assessments can be carried out via telephone, video or face-to-face.

All HCML assessments meet the requirements of the rehabilitation code and adopt a biopsychosocial approach.

HCML’s proprietary Clinical Assessment Platform (CAP) allows customers to specify the data that they require from a rehabilitation assessment in order to assist in the claims management process.

Using CAP, HCML can tailor all levels of assessment to the needs of both the customer and injured party.

A dedicated Medical Advisory board, alongside the Chief Medical Officer, provides evidence-based & clinically robust guidance to all HCML Case Managers, ensuring that care & treatment is always appropriate and controlled, but client focus always remains a priority.

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Catastrophic Case Management

HCML has managed many high profile catastrophic cases where acquired brain injury (ABI), spinal cord injury (SCI), or major limb amputation are typically involved.

Working in alliance with NHS clinicians, HCML’s catastrophic case managers ensure the best and most appropriate care is being provided for injured claimants and their families.

The Acute Immediate Needs Assessment (Acute INA) – an evolution in catastrophic injury assessments – is compliant with the Rehabilitation Code, the Guide to the Conduct of Cases Involving Serious Injury and the Civil Procedure Rules

Following completion of the assessment, the Case Manager will deliver a bespoke & personalised case management service.

All input is designed to meet the needs of the individual and assist them in realising their rehabilitation goals.

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Rehabilitation Case Management

HCML’s Case Management services are designed to maximize and accelerate recovery for those who have sustained serious injuries, while containing and controlling cost & time.

All assessments, and rehabilitation plans, follow the guidance provided by the Rehabilitation Code and the Serious Injury Guide, as well as HCML’s own Medical Advisory Board and internal Medical Director.

As part of the process, HCML Case Managers identify the most appropriate strategy and resource required to effect a rapid and sustained recovery, and achieve the most positive rehabilitation results for both customer and client.

Regular contact is maintained with all relevant stakeholders to ensure progress against agreed rehabilitation goals & outcomes. Continuity is guaranteed because the Case Manager which carries out the assessment will also implement the rehabilitation plan.

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Treatment Services

Innotrex is a fully audited and managed national network of treatment providers which prides itself in it’s ability to guarantee appropriate treatment and cost control.

The quality and expertise of Innotrex clinicians ensures that claimants receive the most appropriate treatment first time, every time.

Through Innotrex, HCML can provide a wide range of evidence-based treatment modalities such as physiotherapy, psychological therapy, diagnostics, pain management and surgery.

It’s The Time To Talk early intervention mental health service tailors treatment to a claimant, increasing the effectiveness of treatment and the likelihood of a speedy return to work or return to pre-injury condition.

It’s The Time To Talk reduces the chance that lengthy and more expensive face-to-face sessions will be required, as well as reducing indemnity spend.

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