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Christine Tasker HR Delivery Manager, Phoenix Medical Supplies Ltd

“HCML’s reports are essential and their action plans are clear and practical to us as an employer. HCML are best placed to provide medical and clinical assessments on our referrals and they supply an independent occupational health advice,’’ explained Christine Tasker, HR Delivery Manager.

“Employees tell us that they appreciate the Company sourcing additional support on what are sometimes very personal or complex issues. HCML create bespoke plans with us that employees and their managers can follow, and this gives employees a sense of autonomy and independence.   It can also help to inspire our employees to manage self-recovery and general health.”

Jefferey Dabner Rehabilitation Client

“I cannot be more grateful for Di’s support and knowledge throughout the whole experience. She sorted out my physiotherapy, got me a personal trainer and she was good as gold.   She looked after me and made sure that I got what I needed and it all ended very well, considering where I was at the time. She kept me informed of everything and was always available if I needed her. She was excellent.”

Rebecca Buck Head of HR at the Press Association, FCIPD

HCML’s occupational rehabilitation was a welcome revelation. I’ve seen many managers struggling to deal with long-term absence and having no way to resolve it. HCML’s approach offers clear outcomes.

HCML didn’t give us impractical or unaffordable plans. By consulting properly with us, they gave us workable and timetabled frameworks to follow. They also didn’t frustrate us by offering theory alone. I would describe the MAP service as a highly pragmatic solution, demonstrated by phased return plans which focus on what the staff can do to keep working. It removed the gap, and the confusion, that can come from getting a medical report alone, to offering a clear solution that helps both employee and employer to move on.

This is a level of support that we’ve never had before. It is a comfort to know that the HCML team is there. They have achieved great outcomes and I see theirs as a truly innovative approach.

Keith Backley Rehabilitation Client

“Everything was absolutely spot on. Laura did all of the work and put all of the effort in and between us we got there. She has been absolutely wonderful and I wouldn’t be where I am now without her.

“Without the people being there I wouldn’t have pushed myself as hard as I did, and without the help from both Laura and HCML I would not have found my confidence and mental wellness.”