HCML has a strong desire to support managers and colleagues from the early stages of absence through to a successful return to work. Early and frequent communication between our case managers and an employer is encouraged in order to ensure that the right support is available at every stage of the case.

HCML’s reporting has been described as significantly more detailed and useful than those of some traditional occupational health providers. HCML ensures that reports are bespoke for an employee and will never identify an obstacle without offering a viable solution.

We never sit on the fence; Our clinicians are qualified to, and will never shy away from, commenting on matters of capability, motivation, likely recovery time-frames and the applicability of the Equality Act.

Long Term Absence Management Action Plan (MAP-LTA)

HCML case managers are particularly adept at addressing issues relating to the impact of long term absence. Our clinicians have years of experience working within their fields of expertise, this, coupled with their case management skills enable them to problem solve the most complex of cases. The assessment is carried out face to face in the workplace, the colleague’s home or any other appropriate location. It is designed to support those colleagues struggling at or absent from work due to any individual or combination of health issues.

Who is this service for?

The MAP is designed to support those individuals who have been absent from work for longer periods or who are at work but struggling significantly due to their symptoms.

They may have a musculoskeletal, psychological or longer term condition, disability or disease. The complex assessment is particular suited to those experiencing neurological symptoms, degenerative conditions or terminal illness.

Communication between these colleagues and management may be more difficult or the relationship may be strained.

Management Action Plan - Lite (MAPLite)

This assessment is designed to address the needs of an employee who has been absent from work for only a short period.

The assessment will be carried out telephonically or via video by either an occupational therapist or physiotherapist with the intention of quickly determining the barriers to work and offering immediate advice on return to work with likely timeframes, support and adjustments.

31 million working days are lost each year due to Musculoskeletal Health conditions (back and neck problems).

Telephonic Management Action Plan (MAPTel)

HCML’s clinicians, who are experts in both clinical management and return to work planning, will carry out a remote assessment, via telephone or video conferencing with an employee experiencing difficulty at or absence from work relating to a musculoskeletal or psychological issue.

They will make immediate recommendations to the individual for actions they can take to mitigate their situation. HCML will also determine the demands of the role and how performance may be impacted upon by the presenting symptoms.

A structured Action Plan will be provided that will detail steps to be taken by both the individual and the employer in order to facilitate the quickest, safest and most sustainable return to expected productivity for that employee.

Face-to-Face management Action Plan (FaceMAP)

The FaceMAP assessment takes a detailed look at the clinical situation of the employee, giving specific clinical advice and consideration regarding the psychological, cognitive and physical demands of the individual’s job role.

The employee’s HR or line manager will be invited to have input into the assessment phase to ensure that all concerns are covered, and HCML’s clinician will also endeavour to observe the individuals role being performed, in order to provide the most appropriate recommendations

It's The Time To Talk

It’s The Time to Talk is HCML’s dedicated psychological assessment and treatment service which is focused on managing the psychological barriers to attending and performing at work.

HCML’s expert clinician will assess the employee’s psychological situation and make immediate recommendations to manage symptoms and promote mindfulness.

It’s The Time To Talk is particularly suited to employees that are experiencing work related stress, anxiety or mood disturbance.